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Your Guide to Understanding and Addressing Shoulder Pain

man holding his shoulder in painShoulder pain is a prevalent issue, often misdiagnosed and inadequately managed, leading to ongoing discomfort and reduced mobility.

As a chiropractor at Vitality Semaphore, it’s crucial to recognize the root causes of shoulder pain and provide effective solutions. Here are essential insights into shoulder pain and its management:

  1. Postural Problem as the Culprit: Many cases of shoulder pain stem from a postural problem, specifically an internal rotation of the shoulder or a forward hunched posture. This issue is exacerbated by modern lifestyle factors such as increased mobile phone use and prolonged desk work
  2.  Addressing Postural Imbalance: Correcting the postural problem is pivotal in alleviating shoulder pain. This involves a combination of stretching the chest muscles, strengthening the muscles at the back of the shoulder and upper back, and freeing up restrictions in the spine, particularly in the upper middle back and lower part of the neck.
  3. Cortisone Injections: While cortisone injections can provide temporary relief by reducing pain and increasing movement, they do not address the underlying cause of shoulder pain. It’s important to use cortisone injections judiciously, particularly in conjunction with addressing the root issues.
  4. Exercises for Postural Correction: Two fundamental exercises can significantly contribute to correcting the postural imbalance and relieving shoulder pain. The peck stretch, which involves gently rotating the torso away from a doorway to stretch the chest and front of the shoulder, and a strengthening exercise for the back and shoulder muscles.
  5. Common Movements Contributing to Shoulder Pain: Certain everyday movements can exacerbate shoulder pain, including sleeping positions that allow the shoulder to roll forward, improper desk setups, and prolonged periods of mobile phone use.
  6. Preventative Measures: Educating patients about proper sleep positions, ergonomic desk setups, and mindful mobile phone usage can help prevent exacerbation of shoulder pain and support overall shoulder health.

By understanding the underlying causes of shoulder pain and implementing targeted corrective measures, you can experience significant relief and improved shoulder function.

For more personalized guidance and comprehensive care for shoulder pain, consult with the Vitality Semaphore team. We can’t wait to help you!


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