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Why It's Time To Take A STAND


Stand up for yourself

We might hear this often and in a number of scenarios but today we are talking about STANDING UP for your spinal health. Watch my video to see how simple it is in taking more care of your spine during your work day, whether in the office or at home.”

Let’s look at

    • Your desktop
    • Giving fatigue the flick
    • What ‘motion is lotion’ means for spinal health
Today’s BIG tip: Mix it up! Using a standing desk, even for part of the day WILL go toward reducing build-up of cortisol (responsible for increasing blood sugars), particularly after lunch. The BOTTOM line is, the more time you spend sedentary and not moving about regularly, can cause chronic back pain among other avoidable health problems such as obesity and diabetes.

Woman at computer in painStanding with you in health

Dr Mario and the team at VITALITY SEMAPHORE

PS. With over 100 years’ experience in chiropractic between us at VITALITY SEMAPHORE, we are only too happy to continue to share simple and practical knowledge to help YOU.


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