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Posture Tips For Pregnant Women With Back Pain

If you’re pregnant and your posture is causing you pain and concern, you might find this video helpful. In this video, I’m going to share some quick posture tips that might just help decrease or help you avoid pregnancy-related back pain.

Hi there, I’m Dr. Mario from Vitality Semaphore in South Australia, and for over a quarter of a century, we’ve helped tens of thousands of people kiss goodbye to their neck and back pain and improve their vitality naturally through chiropractic care. Now, pregnancy can be incredibly challenging on the body, especially if you’re suffering and experiencing back pain. So here are some quick posture tips that just might help you out.

The first is when sitting, make sure that you’re sitting up straight with your shoulders back. Don’t cross your legs. Make sure that you have your weight evenly distributed across both sides of your pelvis or your sitting bones.

The second is that when you’re choosing a chair, make sure you look for something that has good lumbar support or consider a towel or a small pillow, something rolled up that makes sure that it’s pushing in on your lower back or the lumbar area.

The third is when you’re standing, it’s important to make sure your weight is evenly distributed across both legs, not kind of hitching and standing on one leg, and then evenly distributed across both your feet, so not standing too far in front or back of the foot.

Fourth, it’s a good idea to sleep on your side and make sure that you have a pillow in between your knees.
The fifth thing is when lifting, try not to carry heavy bags or purses on one shoulder. If you must carry something, make sure that it’s regularly changing sides, you know, left shoulder, right shoulder.

And then finally, make sure you’re stretching often. Two of my favorites are pelvic tilts and hamstring stretches.

Now, start with these posture tips, but if you’re still experiencing pregnancy-related back pain, please don’t suffer in silence. We’d love to help. You can reach out to our staff on 8242 1581 or click the link in our bio to make an appointment. I hope this has been useful to you. Feel free to share it. Talk to you in the next video.


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