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Meet Sandra Gagliardi

Sandra Gagliardi

Certified In Kinesiology and Massage

My name is Sandra Gagliardi and I’ve been working in the Natural Health & Fitness industries for the past 16 years.

Practicing modalities that can help facilitate change and help with emotional stress release, pain management, creating health and well-being and empower you to become aware of your body’s own healing.

Kinesiology, Massage, Spiritual Healing, Access Consciousness, NLP, Dance Movement, Community Fitness, Meditation, Laughter Yoga, Energy and Chakra Balancing have all been great tools in recognising what and how to help facilitate the change that your body, mind, spirit requires to attain health and wellbeing.

Allow me to help you become aware of your own health and wellbeing potential and enjoy a nurturing and awakening healing session.

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